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Skillet and One Pound Bag

Diamond Cube Skillet Glue - Made in the USA

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Floral-Craft Hot Melt Glue Skillet Set

Fantastic "All-in-One" Floral Craft Set.

Features our largest, most powerful electric glue skillet and a bag of Diamond Cubes skillet glue.

You'll be ready to go when you open the box... nothing else is needed. (Except your imagination!)

Just plug in the glue skillet and in 5 minutes, your Diamond Cubes skillet glue is melted and ready to use. The Diamond Cubes glue is specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion, yet it won't leave those pesky strings behind it! (What some folks call spider-webbing)

You get a supply of Diamond Cubes skillet glue with the Floral-Craft set, but you can use ANY hot melt glue in this variable temperature glue skillet.

Product Price
7" Hot Glue Skillet, 40 Watts + 2 Pound Bag Diamond Cubes Glue $34.90 Add to Cart
7" Hot Glue Skillet, 40 Watts + 5 Pound Box Diamond Cubes Glue $51.49 Add to Cart