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Industrial Hot Melt Glue Gun - Pneumatic

This industrial glue gun has been designed with reliability and performance in mind. Excellent choice for those high volume gluing applications.

- 450 Watt heater for greater glue output
- Adjustable temperature control from 284F to 400F
- The pneumatic pistons feed the glue stick when the trigger is squeezed
- Non breakable handles and light weight
- Unique effort-saving trigger
- Lighted On/Off switch
- Stroke adjuster: allows user to preset amount of glue with each trigger pull
- Exterior removable safety fuse for easy replacement
- Accepts 5/8 Dia. X 10 Length glue sticks
- Air Supply: 30-80 PSI
- Includes temperature control screwdriver, air regulator, 8' air hose with quick connector, and storage case.
- Weight - 3 lbs.
- Grounded Cord

*Specialty nozzles available
**Keep the gun in an upright position using the stand(s) that are attached or come with the gun.

Instructions: When adjusting temperature, do not press down. Insert screwdriver and gently turn the screw to the desired setting.

Product Price
Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun - 450 Watts/120V (Accepts 5/8" glue sticks) Includes Storage Case $425.80 Add to Cart
Nozzles - Standard Set - Ribbon, Flat Extension, Round Extension, Needle Extension, Narrow Bead (.090") Cap Nozzle, with Nozzle Assembly (check valve) $28.00 Add to Cart
Nozzles - Complete Set Block Ribbon, Flat Extension, Round Extension, Needle Extension, 2 Narrow Bead Cap Nozzles (.076" and .090"), Standard Bead (.125") and Wide "T" Carpet Nozzle,with Nozzle Assembly (check valve) $67.00 Add to Cart