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Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun

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Cordless High Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun

Cordless means freedom! Simply squeeze and go--this cordless gun won't tether you to the wall or tangle around your wrist. You will now find abundant uses for this cordless glue gun. Up to 3 minutes of cord-free use. Place back on stand, and gun reheats in 5 minutes. Cord may be plugged directly into glue gun for continuous heating.

- Accepts 7/16" dia. glue sticks, 4" or 10" lengths
- 60 Watt / 120V heater
- High Temperature - 380 degrees F
- Only 1.1 pounds
- Gun rests on retractable foot

Nozzle assortments do not fit this gun.

*Keep the gun in an upright position using the stand(s) that are attached or come with the gun.

Product Price
Cordless Glue Gun - 60 Watts/120V - (accepts 7/16" glue sticks) $18.99 Add to Cart
Value Six Pack - Six Cordless Glue Guns - 60 Watts/120V - (accepts 7/16" glue sticks) $89.42 Add to Cart