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Industrial Wheel Coater - Hot Melt Glue Applicator

This industrial electric wheel coater is ideal for applications where wide or full surface coverage is desired, such as applying adhesive to foam board for packaging.

- Variable Roller Speed (0-30 feet per minute)
- Programmable temperature control (to 450 F)
- Digital Temperature readout of set pount and process temperature
- Adjustable brass doctor blade controls adhesive application

Rollers are available in 6", 12", and 18" widths, and sizes up to 36" can be special ordered (please contact us for more information). The operating temperature is adjustable from 200 - 500 F (93 - 260 C), and wheel speed is adjustable from 0 - 45 fpm. Hot melt glue chips, pellets, bricks, or slats may be used.

Product Price
Hot melt adhesive applicator, 6" wide x 2.5" diameter roller, 2.5 lb tank, 750 watts/120V $3194.00 Add to Cart
Hot melt adhesive applicator, 12" wide x 2.5" diameter roller, 5 lbs. tank, 1500 watts/120V $3695.00 Add to Cart