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Wide T Carpet Nozzle

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Glue Gun Nozzles For Hot Melt Glue Guns

Specialty nozzles for our professional line of hot melt glue guns. Nozzles fit our Heavy Duty Glue Guns (100 Watt or higher), Industrial Glue Guns, and Industrial Pneumatic Glue Guns. These nozzles do not fit our Medium Duty or Cordless glue guns.

Details for the Wide T Carpet Nozzle: This nozzle is 3" wide, or the screws that are in place can be removed and the longer screws that are in the middle can be removed and inserted on the sides to close off an additional 1" making it a 2" wide path.

Thread Size Information: The threads are 5/16-24 on the nozzle end (where the cap or extension nozzles fit). This is the same on the extension nozzles as the base of the extension is a cap nozzle. The portion that fits into the gun, as in the Nozzle Assembly, is a thread size of 7/16-20."

If you are unsure whether these nozzles will fit your glue gun, please contact us.

Product Price
Complete Set - Block Ribbon, Flat Extension, Round Extension, Needle Extension, 2 Narrow Bead Cap Nozzles (.076" and .090"), Standard Bead (.125") and Wide "T" Carpet Nozzle, with Nozzle Assembly Adapter (check valve) $67.00 Add to Cart
Standard Set - Block Ribbon, Flat Extension, Round Extension, Needle Extension, Narrow Bead (.090") Cap Nozzle, with check valve $28.00 Add to Cart
Wide "T" Carpet Nozzle $36.50 Add to Cart
Cap Nozzle .090" (Steel) $4.96 Add to Cart
Cap Nozzle, .125" orifice $4.96 Add to Cart
Flat Nozzle, .150" wide x .053" orifice $4.40 Add to Cart
Needle nozzle .080" orifice $4.40 Add to Cart
Nozzle Assembly Adapter (Check Valve) for most guns $7.50 Add to Cart
Block Ribbon Nozzle, .780" wide (5 hole) $7.25 Add to Cart
Round Extension Nozzle, .125" orifice (Steel) $4.96 Add to Cart
Red Plastic Encased Nozzle for the Industrial Glue Guns $16.75 Add to Cart