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Motorized Hot Melt Glue Gun - Motor Driven Feed

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Motorized Hot Melt Glue Gun - Motor Driven Feed

The Motorized Glue Guns deliver the power, speed, and control needed for all repetitive maximum output gluing applications. The powerful motor pushes the stick with ease. The continuous feed allows exact dispensing with low operator fatigue. The auto reverse feature prevents unwanted dripping of glue.


Output & Performance

A maximum no load pushing speed of 11-17 inches per minute improves your productivity. It also has a 5.5-11.6 lb/hour glue output depending on the model you choose.

Product Features:
- Stable base
- Rubber Grip
- Lighted On/Off Switch and LED "ready" light
- Auto reverse feature prevents unwanted dripping of glue
- Gun weight approximately 3 lbs.
- Includes a heavy duty plastic carrying case

IMPORTANT In order for the warranty to be effective, our glue sticks must be used in these glue guns. The AcriLux and the OmniBond glue formulas are not recommended for this glue gun.

NOTE: When trigger is released, the glue stick will move backward approx. 3/8". This is to release pressure in the melting chamber that will help to avoid nozzle dripping. This means there is a slight delay when squeezing the trigger again as the stick needs to push forward again to extrude the hot glue.

Product Price
Accepts 7/16" sticks, 450 Watts - Output 5.5 lbs/hr $294.80 Add to Cart
Accepts 5/8" sticks, 500 Watts - Output 8.4 lbs/hr $331.80 Add to Cart
Accepts 3/4" Maxisticks, 600 Watts - Output 11.6 lbs/hr $368.90 Add to Cart
Spare Nozzle $16.00 Add to Cart